Service Impact! Series: Credibility Through Honesty

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Produced: April 2009
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Credibility Through Honesty is an efficient, money-saving training option that offers valuable insight without pricy training seminars. This powerful presentation is available individually or as part of the Service Excellence series.

This course is separated into two parts. Part 1 presents Terry, an overwhelmed and overworked service representative. While on the job, Terry receives a frustrated phone call from customer Justine. Terry's situation spirals out of control as he realizes that he forgot to work on Justine's case.  Rather than admit to the mistake, Terry tries to end the call as quickly as he can before a manger catches wind of the situation.

Things go from bad to worse when Terry continues to deny responsibility and lies, revealing sensitive inside company information in the process.  The conversation is concluded when Terry gives a false name and refuses to honor Justine's request to speak with a manger, opting to hang up on her instead.

Part 2 takes a look at the same situation when handled the right way. Terry realizes his error and owns it, apologizing for the inconvenience. Rather than dodging the issue, Terry schedules a solution to accommodate Justine. In the end he manages to solve the problem and retain a valuable customer.  Credibility Through Honesty reveals:

  • The importance of being honest with customers
  • The importance of taking responsibility when mistakes are made
  • Why it's important to protect sensitive internal information and procedures
  • How to provide excellent customer service on the phone

How customer service representatives impact a company's reputation

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