Every American has the right to know the chemicals to which they may be exposed in their daily living. Right-to-know laws provide information about possible chemical exposures. Our professionally produced right to know videos teach employers and employees the important aspects of right-to-know laws and regulations. Ensure right-to-know compliance by using our comprehensive videos to assist your safety training.

Toxic substances used in the work area must be disclosed to the occupants under laws managed by OSHA. Failure to obtain proper disclosure is likely to lead to improper or ineffective medical diagnosis and treatment, contributing to prolonged illness and death. This could lead to massive liability lawsuits that can easily bankrupt a corporation.

Congress enacted Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) in 1986 to establish requirements for federal, state and local governments, tribes, and industry regarding emergency planning and "community right-to-know" reporting on hazardous and toxic chemicals. Establish right-to-know training so that employees understand the effective parts of right-to-know policies.

If you work in the hospital industry, you should have workplace specific right-to-know training. Right-To-Know for the Hospitality Industry introduces employees to the Right-To-Know regulations and provide training on the various types of chemicals found in hospitality environments including: Chemical hazard concepts, The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Types of hazardous chemicals, Characteristics and effects of various types of chemicals, Safe handling practices, Container labeling, Use of personal protective equipment (PPE), Spills and cleanup. Regardless of your workplace, it is critical to understand right-to-know. Our right-to-know training is ideal for any employee.
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