Responsible Business Communications

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We live in an inter-connected world, and virtually anything that is written down—be it in email, on a calendar or in the margins of a report—can be classified as business-related. Because of this, even informal communications can become a part of a chain that could negatively impact an organization’s profits, time and reputation. One thoughtless note can have legal implications that pursue a company for years.

Ensure your employees understand these risks and appreciate the differences between personal and business writings. This program will encourage employees to be aware that anything they write—both online and off—can have consequences they may not have considered, and will train them in proper writing practices for business correspondence.

Main Topics Covered:

  • Recognizing that all types of writing can be considered business correspondence
  • The risks of irresponsible communication
  • Avoiding communication mistakes
  • Keeping the “Headline Rule” in mind
  • The four aspects of responsible business correspondence
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