Resisting the Flu: How to Minimize Your Risk - Seasonal Version

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This year, before cold and flu season hit, costing you thousands in sick pay and loss of productivity, cut your losses by showing our training video to your employees.

Contrary to popular belief, colds and flu are not inevitable if one takes the right measures of prevention, and of containing contagion. People can rarely avoid being exposed, but this training will give them practical techniques on resisting illness all together, and of preventing further spread of illness in the workplace.

“Resisting the Flu” is an effective tool to raise awareness in the ranks. This documentary-style short film engages Dr. Eric A. Weiss, the Medical Director of Disaster Planning. Dr. Weiss, who gives a game plan for your employees to follow on prevention, disease resistance, and on containing spread of infection in their own homes. In addition, Dr. Weiss addresses the warning signs which can help your employees to distinguish between the typical symptoms which should be treated at home, and those which actually require medical intervention.

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