Remember Me? Third Edition

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This bestselling customer service program has returned in its third edition!

Good customer service isn’t complicated. It can be as simple as showing common courtesy. Unfortunately common courtesy is not easy to find today. Remember Me shows this effectively. The 3rd edition offers an updated program that continues to instill a timeless and important message: that if the customer if treated as a unique individual, they will be far more likely to reward you with years of loyal patronage.

Remember Me introduces us to a harried and hapless customer. The customer turns to various businesses and experiences poor customer service. He has been bringing his business to these establishments for years, yet is still treated as a stranger (and sometimes even worse!). He is fed up and on the verge of taking his money elsewhere and sharing his negative feedback with others. Not every customer will openly complain when something is wrong. Some will quietly take their business to competitors.

If you have only one customer service training program in your library, Remember Me should be it. The original was produced over 15 years ago and became an instant bestseller. It is still a bestseller today. The informative 10 minute video can be adapted to any training course. This is also a must-see for the entire team! The message is powerful and unforgettable.

Viewers will:

  • Learn that mistakes can be forgiven but customers won’t forgive bad attitudes
  • Find out that customers who are treated poorly will tell others
  • See that customers will take their business (and money) elsewhere without looking back
  • Learn how to build loyalty by exceeding the expectations of customers
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