Relationship Strategies: Powerful People Skills for Creating Instant Rapport with Dr. Tony Alessandra

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70 minutes
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Believe it or not the famous “Golden Rule” is not necessarily the best way to connect with people.  It’s more important to know how they want to be treated because it’s not necessarily the same way that you want to be treated.  Join behavioral styles pioneer Dr. Tony Alessandra as he outlines his lifetime of study on the subject.  In this film you will learn the techniques for recognizing behavioral styles so that you can build rapport with anyone you come in contact with.  By the time Tony is finished you will know effective ways to break the ice with new people you meet and how to identify the best method to make them feel comfortable and familiar with you.  You will finish this seminar confident in your ability to create stronger relationships in your business and personal life.

Dr. Tony Alessandra is world famous for his behavioral styles research. He is a member of the Speaker’s Hall of Fame and a consultant for some of the most well regarded organization’s in the USA and internationally.  Now, Dr. Alessandra’s impressive breadth of knowledge is available to your organization in the form of this content-heavy video seminar.

Main Training Points:

  • How to develop a rapport with anyone you meet.
  • How to use your strengths and your weaknesses to your advantage.
  • How to recognize the verbal and non-verbal signals that people give you.
  • How to quickly recognize a person’s behavioral-style.
  • Don’t treat others how you want to be treated, but how they want to be treated.
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