Recognizing Child Abuse Program 1: Physical Abuse

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With a large number of perpetrators of abuse getting away with their criminal acts undetected, Child Abuse and Neglect has increased significantly. The Child Protective Services in America receives about six million complaints on suspected sexual abuse and neglect, and the percentage of substantiated cases continues to rise. These numbers can come down if the people working in Health Care and Human Services understand the risks posed by this menace.

Program 3 of Recognizing Child Abuse focuses on Sexual Abuse in children and on the moral obligation of health and social services workers to report the abuse.  It is designed to provide information related to all aspects of sexual abuse.

Starting with an overview and definition of sexual abuse, the program delves deeper into the prevalence, risk factors, outcomes, and prevention of child sexual abuse. The many forms of child abuse that arise from the interaction of multiple factors: incest, exhibitionism, molestation, child pornography and child prostitution are discussed.

The program takes an in-depth look at the various persuasive and pressure tactics employed by the abusers to coerce the child into sexual activity. In an attempt to make the task of helping these victims less challenging, signs of sexual abuse and identification of suggestive behaviors in both victims and their suspicious caregivers are explained in detail.

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