Purpose, Passion and Persistence Putting Your "Will Power" to Work for Maximum Results with Desi Williamson

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90 minutes
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It’s possible to change your circumstances and live your dreams.  That’s the message that Hall of Fame speaker Desi Williamson delivers to us in this inspiring video seminar.  Desi uses real-world examples and inspirational stories to show the attitude and mindset needed to overcome your personal obstacles and create success in your life.  You’ll learn how to stay focused and motivated on your most important goals, never let anything get in the way of achieving your goals and how to overcome your fears and change your circumstances.

Desi Williamson is a true rags to riches story.  Born into dire poverty, he rose himself up by his own boot straps.  A member of the Speakers Hall of Fame, he now delivers training programs for organizations the likes of Microsoft and Allstate Insurance.  With this new motivation training video seminar you can now benefit from Desi’s motivational story in your organization.

Main topics of the program:

  • How to stay focused and inspired on your goals.
  • How to improve your performance standards.
  • How action can inspire change.
  • How to overcome your fears and believe in yourself.
  • How to always fight your success.
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