Professional Email Etiquette

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Every new technology is an opportunity to improve communication, and email has certainly become one of the most popular ways to provide information, internally and to our customers.  It’s an all-purpose tool for informal or formal communication, and provides documentation of the matters discussed.

But there’s a difference between using a technology and using it well.  Great speakers have been brought to their knees by their less-than-stellar writing skills.  Some recipients of sloppily written emails might deduct points from a presentation due to a lack of formality or clarity in the text.

This video will provide insights to experienced writers, as well as basic ground rules for others.  Proper openings and closing, subject lines, grammar and punctuation are covered in the video, along with some more delicate situations, such as how to inform a correspondent of “bad news.”

This video is an essential companion to what has become an essential part of our business communications.

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