Power Talking: How to Say What You Mean & Get What You Want

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125 minutes
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This information-packed video seminar will teach you how to be more influential with your greatest weapon - your voice.  Knowing what to say and when to say it is more than half of the battle.  Join communication expert, George Walther guides you through the strategies needed to be successful in all of your conversations.  You’ll learn how to be more positive and energetic in all of your interactions, make great first impressions and increase the level of communication and teamwork in your relationships.

George Walther has spent over 25 years learning about the power of the voice.  He has spoken in front of thousands of organizations around the world and educated tens of thousands of people.  Now, his communication techniques are available for use in your organization with this new seminar.

Main Training Points:

  • A blueprint for increasing teamwork and communication.
  • Power talking versus powerless talking
  • How to be positive in all of your day-to-day relationships.
  • Make your first impression a positive and memorable one.
  • How to be more persuasive and increase your productivity.
  • And more.
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