Please Respect My Generation! 5 Generations at Work

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Generational differences make for an interesting work experience, yet when handled properly, the benefits are unbelievable. For the first time in history, any given office or company can have as many as five different generations on their team, and bridging the gap in experiences and world views between these generations is essential to company-wide success.

This training video focuses on concrete tools that encourage employees to recognize the differences between values, ideals, and life experiences, promoting a greater understanding amongst coworkers. The video focuses not only on differences, but on what each generation shares in common, enabling managers and employees to create a cooperative, mutually respectful work environment.

Key Points

  • Effectively details do’s and don’ts when working with coworkers of different backgrounds
  • Identifies and defines each generation for an easy-to-understand primer that promotes a foundation of respect
  • Pinpoints various stereotypes pertaining to each generation, and showcases how these stereotypes do as much damage as cultural or racial ones
  • Expounds on common areas of miscommunication, providing tools and techniques for resolving these conflicts while promoting respectful interactions
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