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Every business has its own unique performance review system. No matter how unique the system, the reactions are usually always the same. This training program encourages employees to view reviews in a new way so they don’t dread these intimidating sessions.

This series comes in two separate parts. The first one is intended for managers and the second one is for the appraise. Both sides must understand what to expect if they are to get the most out of the review meeting. Even though the manager may seem to have the upper hand, both parties actually have a crucial role to play that will determine the outcome.

Part run includes Every Manager’s Nightmare and runs 30 minutes. This program stresses the importance of employee reviews and how trying to do them less often doesn’t make them easier to deal with. Actually many see them more as excruciating rather than helpful or crucial to success. 

To address this issue, we observe the review nightmares of six different managers, including Bolshy Becky, Bored Betty, Non-stick Nigel, Silent Steve, Defensive Dennis and Weepy Wendy.  Each is difficult in their own way and require effective strategies to reign in. We are shown key techniques that explain how managers can take on these review nightmares and help each improve.

In the second part, Every Appraisee’s Dream, we watch a 20 minute presentation intended for staff who will be undergoing reviews. This segment focuses on the positive aspect of performance reviews. Employees can see just how pain-free and easy they can be when handled the right way by both parties. It also provides the person being reviewed with something to aim for when it’s their turn to sit down.  This part is also useful for managers because it shows what a successful review can achieve.

This segment also introduces Tracy. She agrees with the opinion that performance reviews are a waste of time. That is until she learns the secrets to going in prepared using our easy three step process:

What has gone well in the past year and what has not

What issues currently exist and need addressed

Where does she want to go in the future and what will she need to get there

This series will:

  • Explore interviewing skills
  • Supplement manager training programs
  • Provide content for managers and appraisees 
  • Present concepts in an interesting way
  • Provides over 50 minutes of valuable training

Please note: Due to contract limitations, we can only ship the Performance Review series to addresses within the United States.

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