Performance Review Series - Part 2: Every Appraisee's Dream

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No matter where you go, every business and organization has a different approach to performance reviews. Yet, despite the differences in each system, all tend to illicit the same reaction from employees. Many dread the review while others feel it is a waste of time.  Our two part Performance Review series is intended to make this necessary interview a positive experience for both the manager and the appraisee.

In the second part of the Performance Review series, we see the 20 minute Every Appraisee’s Dream presentation. This part is intended for those who will be attending a performance review soon. We see why performance reviews are important and how they can actually be a very positive experience when handled properly. 

This program also presents a new character named Tracy. Tracy feels much the same way that others do about performance reviews. She sees them as a total waste of time. Throughout the program she learns the secrets to review preparation using the three part thinking process which covers:

  • The past: what went right or wrong in the past year
    The present: What issues currently need addressed
  • The future: Where does she want to go and what training is needed to get there

Please note: The Performance Review series can only be shipped to addresses within the United States due to contractual restrictions.

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