Performance Matters: The Need for Constructive Criticism

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Criticism is difficult to take. Most people don’t like to receive it, yet it is a necessary part of running a business. Managers must address mistakes and errors as well as issues that impact staff performance.

In Performance Matters: The Need for Constructive Criticism focuses on this common occurrence and provides information on how to handle each situation. The video shows the activities of a bustling district council where a mistake has led to the rejection of a vital planning application. The chief executive sends a stern memo to the planning officer, which encourages him to do what he doesn’t want to do: criticize his assistant who is responsible for the mistake.

Instead of finding out what exactly happened and coming up with a way to correct it, the officer instead chooses the wrong path and makes numerous mistakes that are far from constructive. He even goes so far as to dress down the assistant in front of junior colleagues.  He doesn’t agree to what went wrong and doesn’t help the situation, only makes the assistant feel worse.

Performance Matters: The Need for Constructive Criticism goes on to show how to correctly handle this situation. The officer should have determined what caused the mishap and helped to work towards a solution to prevent it from happening again.

This informative training course will:

  • Help managers understand why they must sometimes criticize
  • Stress the importance of criticizing what was done only
  • Shows how badly applied criticism can actually hurt instead of help
  • Provides 7 easy rules to ensure that criticism stays constructive

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