Performance Matters: The Importance of Praise

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Our Performance Matters series help managers motivate their staff and make each individual feel valued. This part of the series explores the importance of praise. 

Feeling undervalued and unappreciated is one of the most common reasons people look for a new job. Turnover costs companies money, and there’s nothing worse than losing someone who is skilled, talented and responsible. This program will show how to give praise when it’s due.

You may be amazed at the results a little praise can get. It’s the cheapest recognition you can give an employee and it is a significant motivation booster. It’s also very easy to use, if you know how. 

We learn more about praise while observing the activities of a department suffering from a high amount of turnover. Another employee is thinking about leaving after a negative experience with the manager who fails to praise what they did right and instead criticizes. 

The course then shows how the employee finds renewed enthusiasm and motivation when they receive appreciation for a job they did well. We learn that it’s very important to make sure others know why they are being praised and to avoid tainting the positive remark with a negative.

In Performance Matters: The Importance of Praise, we learn:

  • Why managers sometimes choose not to praise
  • The value of implement praise as part of corporate culture
  • How to seek out opportunities to give praise
  • That praise isn’t a natural talent, it must be learned
  • 6 valuable steps to praising correctly and effectively

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