Performance Appraisals: Getting Results

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Watch a preview clip of the video portion of the course.
Watch a preview clip of the video portion of the course.
Watch a preview clip of the video portion of the course.
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Performance appraisals have long been recognized as a valuable tool for managers and a great resource for the employees being evaluated.  Employees are rated by the selected criteria and bask in the warmth of positive feedback or are taken to task for shortcomings.  Goals are set, the performance is documented, and both parties adjourn with a clear understanding of where they stand.

All too often, however, performance appraisals are an obligatory, annual rite with both parties merely going through the motions.  This video may help your organization get back on track by focusing on the importance of performance appraisals and how to use them effectively.

The video focuses on two different scenarios: one scenario presents a small company establishing its evaluation process; the other shows a larger corporation revamping their appraisal system.  The two managers in charge of their respective programs explain their goals and implementations, offering insights into the importance of documenting the written interaction of employees and their supervisors, and how these documents can support subsequent actions, such as promotion, training or dismissal.

Key Learning Points:

  • Essential elements of the performance appraisal
  • How to use appraisals to reward great performance or counsel underperforance
  • Learning from the appraisal feedback
  • Preparing for the appraisal meeting
  • Formatting and record keeping suggestions

There is also a separate Instructor’s Manual available for $17.95 (not included with the DVD).  The manual augments the video with suggestions for discussion topics, additional commentary, and participant exercises, including a performance appraisal workshop for attendees.

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