Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow

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Promoting from within is an important part of your hiring strategy, as it rewards performance and gives employees something to which they can aspire. For a newly promoted employee who is remaining in the same department, however, an internal promotion can prove as difficult as it is exciting. 

Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow is a special training program for individuals who have been promoted and now will be supervising or managing their previous work team. The training covers all of the issues that a manager or supervisor in this position may encounter in order to make the transition as simple and smooth as possible.

What They'll Learn

  • How to accept changes in relationships when dealing with coworkers who were previously friends
  • Techniques for disciplining an individual who was previously a coworker
  • Ways to motivate, manage and interact with individuals who are older
  • What to do in situations where it is necessary to now support or enforce a rule or policy that the manager once neglected or openly disagreed with
  • How to conduct oneself without showing favoritism or appearing to show it
  • The importance of maintaining confidentiality
  • Techniques for increasing trust and credibility with subordinates who were previously coworkers or peers and among the team as a whole
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