Paradigm Principles

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At some point, every business will have to face an inevitable paradigm shift. Often it comes at a time in which the company is not ready for or does not want it. Hosted by best-selling author and business consultant Joel Barker, this video will provide you with the tools needed to prepare for change.

With the help of Barker, your team will be able to anticipate when there will be a shift in paradigm for your specific industry. “Paradigm Principles” will prepare your entire team for the experience of a paradigm shift. After viewing the video, each member will be able to:

  • Anticipate how long you will be able to stay in your current paradigm.
  • Recognize what areas in your industry may expect new paradigms or shifts.
  • Begin preparing for the obstacles and problems that may arise as a result of the shift.

Use this video as a part of a leadership or managerial training. It is the perfect addition to a goal setting or visionary team meeting. 

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