Paradigm Mastery Series with Joel Barker

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For more than 20 years, Joel Barker has been helping organizations around the world understand, identify and anticipate change. Now, for the first time on video, he goes beyond the basics to offer you a comprehensive learning tool.

The Paradigm Mastery Series is a five-part video program designed to help you explore the impact paradigms have on your world. This series will get people talking about the future and help you develop the hands-on skills needed to create an environment that is open to change.

Filmed in a rustic lodge in Washington state, the Paradigm Mastery Series is presented in a relaxed atmosphere that will make you wish you were there. In each program Joel explores key paradigm concepts with 20 participants. Together, they learn how to apply these concepts to the workplace.

The Paradigm Mastery Series will help you gain deeper insight into how people make decisions and why some people are more open to change than others. This five-part series offers you tools you can use to manage change everyday.

"My work has been greatly enhanced by this video retreat. I now better understand what I can do to manage change every day and anticipate the future." Neil Campbell, Microsoft

Key Learning Points:


  • A leader's true responsibility
  • To solve problems you think are "impossible"
  • When to look for the next wave of change
  • Each person's special role during change
  • How to involve everyone in the search for the future


Individual Programs:


  • Change and Leadership
  • The Paradigm Effect
  • The Paradigm Curve
  • Paradigm Partners
  • Paradigm Hunting


  • The Power of Vision
  • Great Minds on Leadership
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