Online Predators - Invading My Space

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Ask teenagers about online predators, and you're likely to get an eye roll. Most teenagers believe that they would never fall for a predator's advances, but still, millions of teens become victims of pedophiles every year. Online Predators: Invading My Space is an eye-opening training program produced by the Polly Klaas Foundation and the FBI designed to show teens how easy it is to be duped by accomplished predators. The training illustrates the dangers that are out there on the Internet and how predators find potential victims. It delves into the grooming process, so that teens can see how predators work to build trust gradually over time. It also provides valuable safety tips and talks about meeting online friends in person for the first time. This training can be used in schools, in after school groups, at community meetings and in many other situations.

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  • Online Predators A Parents Guide to Fighting Online Predators
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