Nothing But the Truth: Giving a Deposition in a Civil Case

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21 minutes
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There may come a time when your employees must get involved in a lawsuit. Nothing but the Truth is a video training course that focuses on this situation and provides the tools necessary to get through it with minimal impact on your business. The methods and tips provided will assist individuals who must testify in harassment, discrimination, injury or accident-related cases.

Why provide this training when you have never been involved in a lawsuit before? The risk is always there for any organization in any industry. One wrong move or misspoken word could cost your company a lot of money. Nothing but the Truth presents real life-inspired scenarios that highlight possible courtroom pitfalls as well as the right way to handle this type of situation.  Prepare your leaders and staff with:

  • The 5 simple rules of giving a deposition
  • An understanding of the possible consequences of not being prepared
  • Information that could result in a positive outcome
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