No Complaints: Complaints and the Customer

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No Complaints: Complaints and the Customer shows the audience how to handle customer complaints and methods to prevent them from happening again afterwards.

It may come as a surprise to learn that research has shown approximately 1 in 10 transactions end with a customer complaint. Somehow the exact same complaints tend to occur repeatedly. In this valuable video training course, we see dramatic recreations that show realistic scenarios between a customer service rep and the customers they handle. 

We learn how customer satisfaction and quality are connected. The viewer see five easy steps to solve the customer’s complain. The program is set in a retail store as a front line staff member is faced with angry complaints. The narrator helps the staff members along as they learn that customers sometimes need to vent steam instead of filling out forms. They must take each complaint seriously and be sympathetic. It is difficult to be mad at someone who is responding with sympathy, after all.

No Complaints: Complaints and the Customer reinforces the key training techniques that all customer service staff should know. We see a number of common mistakes and learn how to avoid them along with better methods to handle each situation. This program shows that all staff, whether on the front line or internally, must have the right attitude and know how to skillfully field complaints when they happen. 

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