More Than a Gut Feeling IV

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28 minutes
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More Than a Gut Feeling IV is the latest version of the interviewing classic. Produced November of 2013

Paul C. Green, Ph.D. has changed hiring and recruitment forever with his work on behavior-based interviewing, a method that reduces the influence of gut feelings and helps managers use facts to make hiring decisions. More Than a Gut Feeling IV will teach your hiring managers Dr. Green's methods and help them understand why using a behavioral approach to interviewing is better for them and for the entire company. The video models proper interviewing behavior in an engaging manner.
What They'll Learn
  • The best way to structure an interview, so that it is logical and has the proper flow
  • Planning strategies to prepare insightful questions
  • How to use the job description as the foundation for planning the structure of the interview
  • What probing questions are and how to use them to uncover evidence about past behavior
  • Simple methods of maintaining control of the interview
  • Why utilizing facts and evidence is preferable to acting on instinct and emotion during the hiring process
  • How a candidate's past behaviors provide clues about how they will behave in the future and can be used to determine if they are the right fit for a job
  • What questions never to ask in an interview and why
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