Millennium: Leadership Capsules for the 21st Century

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As organizations move into the new millennium, they are experiencing change at an unprecedented rate. These leaner, reengineered organizations face critical challenges in facilitating the learning necessary for their employees to keep ahead.

Managers, supervisors and team leaders, whether new to their positions or with years of experience, are under pressure to come to grips with the skills needed to lead their organizations into the next century. MILLENNIUM - Leadership Capsules for the 21st Century is a powerful new resource to help them meet these challenges.

Series Objectives:
MILLENNIUM - Leadership Capsules for the 21st Century is a 7-part training series (6 parts outside the US) designed to assist managers, supervisors and team leaders in their efforts to draw a bridge between the management skills they need and the leadership concepts their organizations are embracing. There is an additional program of Coaching & Performance Feedback training scenes to compliment the series.

Capsule #1 - Leadership Is... is the overview module. Here we explore the language and concepts of leadership. Topics include: What is a leader? Leadership and management. Who can be a leader? Becoming a leader. Leaders and followers. Why lead?

Capsule #2 - The Leader as Coach investigates the coaching skills which are vital to any organization's learning and success. Topics include: Coaching in the 21st century organization. What does a coach do? Effective coaching. Who can coach whom? The leader as coach.

Capsule #3 - The Leader as Mentor. In the fast changing world of the new organization, mentoring has become essential for preserving and passing down the history, culture and experience senior managers have accumulated. Topics include: Mentoring in the 21st century organization. What does a mentor do? Effective mentoring. Getting started. The leader as mentor.

Capsule #4 - How Leaders Provide Performance Feedback explores the skills needed to support employee development in learning organizations. Topics include: The fear factor. What is performance feedback? How do you best provide performance feedback? Who should provide feedback to whom? Feedback and Leadership.

Capsule #5 - Beginning Employment Relationships. The 21st century organization requires different kinds of relationships with employees. Topics include: Employment interviews. What you need to know about ... the position you're hiring for; the candidate you're interviewing; yourself. Preparing for the interview. The interview. The leader's responsibility.

Capsule #6 - Ending Employment Relationships. The reasons why employees leave organizations are many and complex. Some are performance related, others are not. In either case, the termination process doesn't have to be traumatic. Topics include: Why employment relationships end. Inappropriate termination. Alternatives. Termination procedures. After the relationship ends.

Capsule #7 - In Compliance is a quick course in the complex world of EEO compliance issues. Topics include: What is EEO? Affirmative action? Diversity? What is a protected class? Three types of discrimination. What is harassment? The millennium leadership. Leadership and compliance. This program is most suitable for American organizations.

Coaching & Performance Feedback Training Scenes is an additional resource that consists of 8 dramatizations. Each training scenario begins by setting up a coaching or performance feedback situation culminating at a Decision Point. Here you are presented with 3 options as to how the scene should continue. These options are then played out and the consequences of the choices made are explored by a panel of management and human resource experts.

Support Materials

Each capsule comes complete with a 3 part guide. Part 1 lays out ideas for reflection. Part 2 is a self-study guide with questions to focus learning. Part 3 offers activities and exercises for use in facilitated training. The guides can be reproduced to provide each participant with support materials at no additional charge.

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