Millennium: Ending Employment Relationships

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Program Objective

As organizations move into the new millennium, they are experiencing change at an unprecedented rate. These leaner, reengineered organizations face critical challenges in facilitating the learning necessary for their employees to keep ahead. Mentoring is a valuable component in the transfer of information and the sharing of knowledge needed by emerging leaders. This program is intended to help both mentors and mentees understand what is needed for a successful mentoring relationship.

Program Contents

Capsule #6 - Ending Employment Relationships. The reasons why employees leave organizations are many and complex. Some are performance related, others are not. In either case, the termination process doesn't have to be traumatic. Topics include: Why employment relationships end. Inappropriate termination. Alternatives. Termination procedures. After the relationship ends.

Support materials

This program comes complete with a 3 part facilitation and self-study guide. Part 1 lays out ideas for reflection. Part 2 is a self-study guide with questions to focus learning. Part 3 offers activities and exercises for use in facilitated training. The guide can be reproduced to provide each participant with support materials at no additional charge.

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