Memory Power: Supercharge Your Mind to Instantly Recall Names, Ideas & Information

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Video Length
115 minutes
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Do you ever wish you could remember names, faces and information better?  We’ve all had the frustration and embarrassment of being unable to recall the name of a friend or client when we’ve run into them.  Join memory expert Blaine Athorne as you teaches you an entirely new and unconventional way to boost your brain power and retain information.  Blaine’s high-energy style and fascinating advice will take you to new levels of success.

Blaine Athorne has spent his career developing memory techniques.  He has taken his memory techniques to over 2000 companies in the USA alone.  In addition, he has developed educational tools for students that have changed countless lives.  Now Blaine’s memory techniques are available for your organization with this information-packed 2 hour seminar.

Main Training Points:

  • Remember the names of everyone you meet with ease.
  • Make an impression that sticks with your customers.
  • Instantly recall the important information you need.
  • How to retain more information at meetings.
  • How to supercharge your focus.
  • And more.
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