Meetings, Bloody Meetings Video (2012)

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Meetings, Bloody Meetings - The Newest Version Available


Our hilarious Meetings, Bloody Meetings was given a makeover in 2012, presenting a whole new program that’s just as amusing and informative as its predecessor! In this edition, we again visit with the hilarious John Cleese. This time he is here to help your organization manage meetings more effectively. This presentation discusses all types of modern meetings, including face-to-face gatherings and virtual meetings.  The audience will see how to prepare for, organize, manage and control the meeting to optimize results.


Your meetings no longer have to feel like a waste of time. Meetings must have direction and focus if they are to be productive. Meetings, Bloody Meetings 2012 helps you free yourself from the clutches of dull meeting drudgery so you can learn how to plan meetings that get things done.


Everyone who has worked in an office has uttered the dreaded phrase “I have to go to a meeting.” It conjures thoughts of cold board rooms and boring sessions stuck in a room full of equally bored people. Yet this activity is a necessary evil to produce new ideas and keep everyone on the same page.


A survey conducted recently revealed that a mind boggling 49% of managers felt that they wasted a minimum of 3 hours each week in unproductive meetings. 21% stated that 4 out of 5 meetings attended were a complete waste of their valuable time.


When people feel that their time is being wasted, they tend to lose respect for those responsible and the organization they work for. That’s why it’s so important to make sure meanings are streamlined and well planned so they get the best results. This program will show the audience how to do just that! 


Judge John Cleese presides over this must-see meeting video! Keep your staff entertained while they learn how to make the most out of every minute spent in a meeting.


Please note: Due to contract limitations, Meetings, Bloody Meetings 2012 can only be shipped to addresses within the United States.

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