Managing from the Heart

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Based on the best-selling book, Managing from the Heart, this hard-hitting video program illustrates that the best way to encourage employee productivity is through recognizing the potential in everyone—and not through bullying or intimidation. Suitable for both new and experienced management, this leadership training program will encourage supervisors to focus on the positive aspects of employees.

In this program, supervisors will learn that being supportive and positive is the key to encouraging productive employees. Instead of considering an idea ‘wrong’ simply because they don’t agree, supervisors will learn the importance of an employee’s ability to safely express a different opinion, and will understand that the employee may have some very positive reasons for his or her dissenting idea.

Video Synopsis: Jerry Hartwell, a strict and bullying manager, finds a change of heart after a near-death experience. This experience leads him to discover five principles for leading employees in kinder and more considerate ways, including: creating trust, learning to listen and understand, and valuing the opinions and contributions of others.  At last, Harry learns the importance of managing from the heart.

Main Topics Covered:

  • Creating trust
  • Listening and implementing opinions
  • Valuing employee contributions
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