Managing Communication in a Multicultural World Stanford Executive Brief with John Baugh

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Program Highlights

  • Linguistic behaviors as economic commodities.
  • Domestic and global business strategies in a multilingual world.
  • Managing a multicultural workforce.

Everyone who speaks has an accent. The issue is how far you stray from the standard language of your region or occupation. The subtle but compelling conclusions people reach about you, based on the way you speak, result in profound economic consequences both for yourself and for your organization. Increased awareness of the evolution and importance of language helps you understand the impressions you form of others. Using American English as an example, Dr. Baugh emphasizes the need to build tolerance of variations in dialect and language use.

Dr. Baugh is a member of the National Science Foundation, and an advisor to Merriam-Webster and the American Heritage College Dictionary. Dr. Baugh has appeared on ABC News, and his research on linguistic profiling has been featured on National Public Radio's "Morning Edition."

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