Making Time

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Not everyone possesses the skills to delegate work. It’s something that must be learned through education and practice. Our Making Time program focuses on the three core elements of time management. The information is presented in a convenient, down to earth way to help even the newest members of management understand how to plan, prioritize, follow working procedures and deal with people.

A handful of classic workplace problems are covered through scenes set in a bustling office. The viewer sees each issue and learns how they can impact individual and team productivity. One person is very unorganized while another is so organized that she wastes time rescheduling. The third player in this presentation is let down by the first two, showing why it’s important for everyone to know how to make time.

We see that even a minor interruption, like a quick phone call, must be dealt with. This program also shows how to be assertive and how to tell people “no” when you have to. Those who watch Making Time will:

  • Be motivated by each real life scenario
  • Learn how to manage time in 3 short segments
  • View each method in action
  • Utilize a self-study workbook

The chapters in Making Time include:

  • Introductions to the main players
  • Meeting deadline problems
  • Not prioritizing
  • Working with priorities in mind
  • Not planning and not sticking with a plan
  • Setting realistic deadlines
  • Not dwelling on possible future problems
  • Planning in advance
  • Not dealing with interruptions effectively
  • Learning how to say “no” 
  • Effectively dealing with interruptions
  • Not being assertive
  • Being assertive
  • Not putting a limit on phone time
  • Using a timer
  • Limiting time spent on the phone
  • Prioritizing tasks to clear away clutter
  • Completing a single task at a time
  • Being conscious of time
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