Make My Life Easier: What the 21st Century Customer Really Wants

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The world has changed for salespeople.  Customers can go on the internet or dial an 800 number and get virtually any product delivered to their doorstep and business in a matter of days.  The internet expanded service, value and convenience to a whole level.  The bar is set so high now that you need to excellent in everything you do or your customers will not be satisfied.  Hosted by Warren Greshes, this highly informative and energetic program will give you the tools you need to provide extraordinary service to the 21st century customer.

Warren Greshes speaks at a different Fortune 500 company nearly every week and now he can inspire and educate your organization for a fraction of the cost with this seminar on DVD.  His lifetime of experience in sales and service are invaluable to any sales professional.

Main Training Points:

  • How to make yourself so valuable to your customers that they can’t afford to lose you.
  • How technology has changed the playing field for salespeople.
  • How to understand exactly what your customers want so you can provide it.
  • The best techniques to handle price objections.
  • How to differentiate your organization and yourself from your competitors.
  • And more.
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