Live Full and Die Empty with Les Brown

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80 minutes
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There is no other word that describes Les Brown better than explosive.  He is a public speaking dynamo who uses his fiery personality to inspire his audience to reach their goals and dreams before it’s too late and they are lying in their graves.  He stresses that there is no better time than now and no better day than today to start working for our dreams.  How many of us have put off our potential thinking that I can get started tomorrow or next week.  Life has a way of making tomorrow and next week turn into next month, next year and next decade if we don’t do something about it and seize the day.  Taking stories from his own inspiring life story, Les motivates people to believe in themselves and their goals.

Les Brown is a highly sought after motivational speaker who frequently speaks at Fortune 500 companies, however it wasn’t always that way.  He was born into poverty and struggled with school and life.  He had difficulties with learning and his self esteem; however he turned it all around when he started believing in the greatness in himself.  Les Brown passion is now available for your organization in the form of this inspirational video seminar.

Main Training Points:

  • Increase your energy level.
  • Don’t hold yourself back with self-imposed limitations.
  • Become a believer in your own aspirations.
  • How to improve your communication style.
  • Giving assistance to others will help you gain success as well.
  • And much more.
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