Listening Under Pressure: The Customer Service Challenge

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A great company with a great product or service can suffer when it has a reputation for poor customer service.  Although observing the Golden Rule of treating customers as you’d like to be treated under similar circumstances is a good start, this video can lend some expertise in basic telephone courtesy and effective communication.

Becoming a good listener is critical in determining the nature of the problem as well as finding the appropriate resolution, especially when a customer has waded through an automated system of cues or been passed around from department to department.  The video focuses on three areas of effective listening.

  • Attentive:  Not interrupting the customer to “cut to the chase.”
  • Active:  Help zero in on the customer’s concern with relevant questions.
  • Objective: Try not to side with either the customer or the company, but keep a balanced, open-minded appraisal of the information being provided.

The video reinforces these listening skills by providing dramatizations of conversations, along with different approaches to assisting the customer, demonstrating the “right” and “wrong” ways to tackle the problem.  The merits and shortcomings of these approaches are guaranteed to provoke discussion among the viewers.

These techniques can benefit “old hands” as well as newer employees, as sometimes those with expertise in their area can become less diplomatic and tactful with customers.  Whether serving as a refresher or offering new insights, this video will help keep your organization’s customer service skills sharp.

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