Life & Work: A Managers Search for Meaning

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30 minutes
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Business leader James Autry has spent years perfecting his management style. In this video, he shares his secrets to building a positive work environment based upon care for others, mutual trust and respect.

With passion, Autry broaches the subject of emotionalism and spiritualism in the field of management. This twenty-eight year veteran pours out his heart in this video that will change the way your managers lead.

Watching this video will help your leaders to:

  • Discover the secret to balancing work and personal life.
  • Learn to make time for self.
  • Help others to achieve that same balance in their lives.

Today’s business world can be a big challenge. With problems such as downsizing and cutthroat competition, managers must lead in a way that inspires and gives both purpose and dignity to workers. Use this training video as a part of a leadership conference or for independent study. 

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