Let's Talk Respect: It Matters

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Respect is the secret ingredient in the recipe for a professional and respectful workplace. The Lets Talk series brings us Respect – It Matters, which helps employees understand the connection between respect and professionalism. The material is presented in a concise, understandable format.

The audience receives 9 information packed minutes that includes examples of respectful behavior as well as unprofessional and unproductive behavior. Both are clearly depicted along with the impact each can have on the workplace. Viewers will understand the difference between organization policies, law and commonly held professional standards.

Respect – It Matters is your guide to workplace respect and professionalism. Keep employees informed so everyone can benefit from a productive, happy and compliant work environment!

The audience will:

  • Learn how to express respect and remain professional at work
  • Observe examples of disrespectful behavior like stereotyping, harassment, gossiping & bullying
  • Observe examples of respectful behavior like asking for input and using coworker’s names
  • Great Minds on Respect, Tolerance and Diversity
  • The Great Minds Series
  • Extraordinary - Revised Edition
  • Think Again: An Innovation & Creativity Meeting Opener
  • Are We Really So Different You and I? a Diversity Meeting Opener
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