Let's Talk: Bullying, Abusive Conduct, & Their Consequences

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Encourage better behavior in the workplace with Bullying, Abusive Conduct and Their Consequences. This powerful stand-alone training program offers a comprehensive look at these key topics.

We are provided 10 minutes of viewing that provide a clear definition for bullying and abuse. We also discover how these behaviors can impact people and the organization. Gain insight and learn about remedies that can be used in any setting. The program also discusses the legal definition of bullying.

No professional environment is immune to bullying. This program offers straightforward information that’s understandable and engaging. Add as part of your training collection to fine tune your educational materials or offer as a stand-alone program. Bullying, Abusive Conduct and Their Consequences is a great addition to the legally required training outlined in laws like AB 2053 CA.

Make sure everyone in your organization understands bullying and abusive conduct and how to deal with them. Knowledge will lead to a happier, healthier and more productive workplace!

Viewers will:

  • Gain an understanding of bullying and abuse
  • Learn how bullying influences people and organizations
  • Clearly understand legal definitions
  • Be empowered by learning effective remedies
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