Let's Get Together: Communicating Respect in a Diverse Workplace

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When it comes to promoting respect in a diverse workplace, a multifaceted, comprehensive approach is essential to getting your message out there. Because each member of your team comes from a different background and has different experiences, a variety of techniques and tools are necessary to capitalize on those differences to support the growth of your company.

This video provides a unique, all-encompassing approach to respectful communication between employees, focusing equally on recognizing diversity, respecting the benefits of working with people of all backgrounds, and managing conflicts while maintaining a polite work environment. The video itself focuses on both the spoken and unspoken, empowering employees to focus on the most minute of clues to steer their dealings with coworkers. Let’s Get Together concentrates on four tools: Compassion, Empathy, Sharing, and Unity, detailing each with real-life scenarios and simple-to-understand concepts.

Key Points

  • Explores various ideas associated with promoting a successful, diverse work environment
  • Provides unique yet proven techniques for both preventing and dealing with conflict
  • Encourages teamwork in all areas of business
  • Details how a mutually respectful work environment benefits the individual, the group, and the company
  • Great Minds on Teamwork
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