Let's Get Honest & He Said, She Said Training Package

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Sexual harassment in the workplace is a common dilemma faced by employees and managers alike. While training regarding handling existing issues is imperative to ensuring a safe and productive workplace, an honest assessment of today’s culture is required in order to prevent uncomfortable situations in the first place.

This sexual harassment training duo takes an honest look at sexuality, providing realistic ways to put sexuality on hold while in the workplace, despite current social trends. Every day, each individual is exposed to advertising and media images that utilize the age-old motto “sex sells.” Turning these ideas off, despite the constant bombardment, is essential in the workplace, yet it can be a difficult task for many. Rather than a list of do’s and don’ts, the Lets’ Get Honest Combo addresses the difficulty of remaining appropriate in today’s workplace given the importance that “sex” has in modern culture.

Honesty is always the best policy, and this unique spin on sexual harassment training is effective, entertaining, and an incredible addition to your training repertoire.

Key Points

  • Clear definition of sexual harassment
  • Concise explanation of why sexual harassment is prevalent across industries
  • Tools and techniques for prevention, confrontation, and reporting
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