Let's Face it: Harassment Training for Supervisors

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Developed for managers and supervisors, this harassment prevention training program will ensure your supervisory staff fully comprehends the dangers of harassment and how to prevent it in the workplace. Eliminating harassment starts with your managers, and this video program will provide them with the resources they need to successfully fulfill this responsibility.

Harassment training has already become a legal requirement in some states—a trend that other states will soon follow. The best way to prevent potential liabilities is to ensure that every staff member in a leadership position understands how his or her actions play a key role in preventing and eliminating workplace harassment.

Main Topics Covered:

  • How to identify harassment
  • How to communicate policies
  • How to document training
  • How to deal with complaints
  • How to investigate effectively
  • How to respond correctly

Video Synopsis:  A narrator explains the key points to the viewer during a story featuring a pair of co-workers in a relationship that is uncomfortable for one of them. The role of the supervisor is illustrated as the story develops from the first incident of discomfort to the complaint, investigation and final outcome. Several other short pieces and interviews illustrate the different types of behavior that can be considered harassment, and the realistic scenarios and entertaining host provide an engaging and entertaining lesson. 

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