Legal & Effective Interviewing II - The Right Questions

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In conducting interviews with potential candidates for hire, it is imperative for your employees, from HR to managers, to know what questions they can and cannot, should and should not ask in order to find the right candidate and to avoid discrimination suits by those who are not selected.

Examples of subjects about which your employee should never ask: 

  • Family
  • Religious Views
  • Disabilities
  • Birthdates

Protect your organization with this “Legal and Effective Interviewing II: The Right Questions” video program. Knowing your legal boundaries is one of the most critical facets of the interviewing process. This video gives you a thorough and practical approach to training supervisors and managers in this vital aspect of employment. Some of the topics covered are setting the interview tone, a format for interviewing , how to hear what they really need to know, and more.

Key Training Points:

  • Interview Preparation
  • Information Collection
  • Lawsuit Avoidance
  • Interview Documentation
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