Leadership: An Art of Possibility with Ben Zander

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27 minutes
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Leadership: An Art of Possibility presents a brand new approach to leading. The methods presented in this unique training course will empower employees and encourage participation in your organization's vision.

This exciting program is presented by the talented Boston Philharmonic Orchestra conductor, Ben Zander. His original approach explains core principals with the help of his partner, Rosamund. The pair show leaders how to push the concept of possibility while emphasizing the power this concept can have in any setting. Through Zander's interactive style of leadership, viewers will leave the training session armed with new ways to encourage employee participation and overall success for their organization.

Zander doesn't just talk about possibility. He shows its impact through interactions with his students. The viewer will witness the transformation as Zander motivates his pupils, who go from rough-edged amateurs to highly talented cello players under his expert guidance. Leadership: An Art of Possibility will:

  • Explain how to become a stronger leader by empowering others
  • Provide insight into quieting the negative voices in everyone's head
  • Show why it's important to give people a possibility to live into instead of expectations
  • Outline ways to identify the downward spiral and counteract it
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