Leadership Aikido Stanford Executive Brief with John O'Neil

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Program Highlights

  • Critical elements to creating future leaders.
  • Mastery practices of aikido leadership.
  • Creating organizational commitment and communicating vision.

"We are not developing the leaders we need for the future we face," says John O'Neil. Leadership skills develop from business experience, but also from the pursuit of self-knowledge. The martial art of aikido provides a framework that can help leaders learn to enhance their effectiveness and stay cool under pressure: practicing the art of planning, letting values drive your decisions, turning failure into success, and heeding the law of unintended consequences.

John O'Neil is president of the Center for Leadership Renewal. He serves on the boards of the University of Southern California, the Leadership Institute, the Industrial Council of Great Britain, A.B.C. Software and Corporation, and the Hanna Andersson Corporation. He is the author of "The Paradox of Success and Aikido Leadership," and advises on leadership issues to senior leaders of corporations, government, and non-governmental organizations.

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