Laboratory Safety

OSHA has published rules and guidance to make laboratories increasingly safe for personnel, because laboratory workers are exposed to numerous potential hazards including chemical, biological, physical and radioactive hazards, as well as musculoskeletal stresses. More than 500,000 workers are employed in laboratories in the U.S., and our laboratory safety videos can assist employee safety training. Make sure your employees understand the hazards of laboratories, and your company is complying with OHSA regulations.

The laboratory environment can be a hazardous place to work. Our laboratory safety training focuses on OSHA standards providing the rules that protect workers, including those that who work near laboratories, from chemical hazards as well as biological, physical and safety hazards. The laboratory safety category videos instruct vital areas including: Hazardous materials in labs, Fume hoods, Emergency showers and eyewashes, Chemical storage, Arranging work areas to minimize stress, Working from "neutral" positions, Most and least stressful types of body movements, Proper lifting techniques, and Effective stretching exercises. The comprehensive collection of our laboratory safety videos ensures employees are fully trained with potential hazards they may experience near laboratories.

With the increasing complexity of the equipment and procedures involved in laboratory experiments, employees need an even greater knowledge of safety practices and procedures than they may have had in the past. Our professional training videos show both new employees and seasoned veterans the importance of safety in the laboratory, as well as review the OSHA regulations and good safety practices that apply to laboratory environments. Mitigate laboratory mishaps by providing your employees first class laboratory safety training videos.
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