Johnny the Bagger: A True Story of Customer Service

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Where does great customer service come from? It's not a product of the mind, of following a script. The best customer service originates from a heartfelt concern for others. When someone serves a customer from the heart, they form a connection that leads to positive experiences that ensure lifelong customer loyalty.

Johnny the Bagger: A True Story of Customer Service teaches employees what true customer service is. It tells a true story of a young grocery bagger named Johnny who had Down's syndrome and exhibited a type of service that made his store a success. The inspiring story will have employees reflecting on the level of service that they provide and ready to take responsibility for making every customer interaction a truly special one. The program will motivate, teach and leave employees feeling great about the impact they can make on others.

What They'll Learn

  • What the secret to delivering the best customer service is--delivering it with a depth of feeling and genuine care for the customer
  • How any employee can deliver top-notch service with the right frame of mind and the right actions exhibited with every customer interaction
  • How to put themselves into service with a personal signature that leads to truly memorable, positive experiences for customers
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