Joel Barker's LEADERSHIFT: 5 Lessons For Leaders In The 21st Century

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29 minutes
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Prepare a strong leadership team for the upcoming 21st century. This five video series is hosted by Joel Barker, renowned business consultant and advisor. After viewing it your team will be prepared to:

  • Keep their eyes and hopes on the future.
  • Accept and adapt to change.
  • Adjust and value complex systems.
  • Conduct a self-examination to access their leadership skills and style.
  • Work as a team to prepare for future growth.

Looking at changes in leadership over the years, Barker will provide your team with the skills needed to be successful in today’s business world.  Working with the concept of “bridge-building”, he will further share the importance of the team coming together to build a diverse bridge which includes a compilation of innovative ideas.

Entertaining and educational, the host will take participants on a scenic tour with beautiful sites and views. In this environment, he tells exciting and inspiring stories about leaders who have used these same concepts to become powerful and successful 21st century leaders. 

  • The Power of Vision
  • Great Minds on Leadership
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