Jamie's School Dinners: A Recipe for Managing and Living With Change

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Aim: Demonstrates how to manage change successfully and shows individuals how to respond to change when it happens to them.

Jamie's School Dinners: A recipe for managing and living with change brings change to life in an inspirational and straightforward way. The program comes in two parts and is full of learning points for you and your workforce.

The program shows managers how to deal with this sensitive subject area in three simple stages.

Part 1: A recipe for managing change

This part is specifically aimed at those who need to manage change in their organisation. It uses the situations Jamie faced during his war against junk food and breaks them down into four key lessons to help you manage change more effectively:

  • Passion - the belief in what you are trying to achieve, coupled with a clear vision of how you are going to achieve it.
  • People - everyone reacts differently to change, there are three types of people that can be clearly identified.
  • Planning - careful planning is needed when implementing change and can determine whether it will be accepted or not.
  • Perseverance - with change you can nearly always guarantee resistance so determination is a must.
  • Part 2: A recipe for living with change

    In this part we look at how change affects your workforce. Every employee will face change of some kind virtually every day, so it's vital they know how to cope with it. By showing your employees the four different stages of change, the change process will be much easier to embrace. The stages they can expect to go through are:

  • Reject it - the initial reaction to change is always the same - denial. By denying change it's wrong to assume it will go away.
  • Resist it - 'I was right to think that' is the next logical reaction. Any explanation, no matter how implausible, can be used to rationalise the initial denial.
  • Reflect on it - at this stage previous judgement begins to be questioned. The mind suddenly switches on to the possibilities that change might bring.
  • Resolve it - change is welcomed with open arms. The challenge and excitement of new opportunities has triumphed over all the negative perceptions of change.
  • Product Contents: 26 minute & 19 minute DVDs, Course leader's guide, Self study workbook, Customizable worksheets

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