Jamie's Kitchen: Fifteen Lessons on Leadership

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Aim: To show how to become a better leader.

The video: "I've gone from being the boy next door to being the bloke with the weight of the world on his shoulders." (Jamie Oliver)

Jamie Oliver's passion and vision transformed a bunch of unemployed kids into an efficient, organised team, capable of running a first-class London restaurant, Fifteen.

Jamie is a natural and instinctive leader. And anyone who takes on a leadership role can learn a lot from watching him in action. Part of the new two-part Jamie's kitchen training series, Fifteen lessons on leadership demonstrates that leadership is an activity and not a position. Leaders and potential leaders will identify with Jamie's honesty and openness.

The program covers five key learning points backed up by real examples from Jamie's journey:

Lead the way

Jamie shows how a good leader makes sure everyone is clear about what is expected of them. He also has a clear vision of where he wants the project to go and can communicate this in a way everyone can understand.

Show them how

Jamie is a highly visible leader who sets a great example to his team. He knows that when it comes to leadership, actions speak louder than words. He demonstrates how a good leader is prepared to tackle the unpleasant tasks as well as the pleasant ones.

Believe in them

Jamie shows total belief in his team. His positive approach to coaching, always looking for things to praise, really pays off. Even when his team mess up, he gives them the message that they can and will get it right. He is not afraid to delegate.

Deal with it

Jamie shows enormous responsibility throughout the project, personally, professionally and financially. He understands that if things go wrong, he - and no one else - will carry the can. His honesty in sharing how this affects him will strike a chord with all leaders.

Learn and adapt

Jamie learns continually throughout the project. He learns about himself and about his team, discovering which techniques of leadership work best for each team member. If one way of tackling a problem doesn't work, he tries another.

The Benefit

  • Real life example of classic team development in action
  • Positive role model to inspire your audience
  • Will improve skills of both new and existing leaders
  • Pressurised role reflects real life for today's leaders
  • Energetic style will keep audience engaged

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