It's a Dog's World - Second Edition

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Professionals know that it truly is a dog eat dog world. Healthcare organizations find that there is a lot of competition in the industry today. The big question is: how can you put a collar on a larger market share? The answer every organization needs is: patient satisfaction. Small things can have a big impact. A friendly attitude, smile, well run operation, technical expertise and service that accommodates can improve patient satisfaction. All that starts with good training.


The mistake some professionals make is to simply bark at employees, only telling them when they do something wrong.  A more effective approach is to build a team that is receptive to learning through comedy. Get your team in a room and turn on your video player. Open everyone’s eyes to the subtle differences that stand between high quality patient care and being treated like a dog.


The viewer follows the day to day activities of Max and Bob, a man and his dog who are patients at two different healthcare providers. Bob receives poor treatment while Max is treated like a king by the vet and his team. The dog experiences all the nuances of good service while his human companion receives the opposite.


It’s a Dog’s World was created just for healthcare trainers. Let the audience relax and be engaged by each story. The message is important and serves as the central component in the survival of a healthcare organization.


Audiences discover what makes patient service good or bad and the consequences of not living up to expectations. We see how patients judge healthcare quality and the value of quality improvement over time.

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