It Won't Happen Here

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Sometimes your business continuity planning needs a boost. After all, it's difficult to motivate staff to plan for events that are not meant to happen--floods, fires, accidents. Perhaps the greatest misfortune is when a business continuity plan fails because employees were not committed to learning their role ahead of time, and critical details never get implemented.

This dynamic disaster preparedness video will help. In this program, we watch what happens in the hours and days after a major fire threatens a company's ability to do business.

Emphasizing the importance of people first, property second, this video presents in straightforward terms the types of decisions that need to be made in the event of crisis.

Using backup systems and working out of a pre-arranged partner office, the company in our story is able to spring back quickly and resume its business activities.

In this day and age, we all know we need to plan ahead. This disaster preparedness video provides guidance not only on what to do, but also on how to be ready for the unexpected.

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