Intercultural Communication

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Video Length
40 minutes
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In today’s global economy, it is important to be able to communicate successfully with people from various cultures. Prepare your team for work overseas and to have a successful global presence. This Intercultural Communication video will provide your employees with the tools they will need to understand and relate effectively with other cultures.

This complete training includes a video along with supplemental educational materials to help your employees prepare for communication in a global workforce. Incorporate it in a managerial or leadership conference, or in a team building workshop.

After viewing this video participants will know:

  • Indirect communication is used in some cultures to evade questions.
  • How to get to the truth of what is really being said in a conversation.
  • Interpreting body language and other non-verbal communication.
  • What topics are acceptable or unacceptable in certain cultures.
  • When touching is or is not appropriate.

How to avoid misunderstandings or errors in translation.

Prepare your sales staff and managers for travel to foreign lands, or your leaders to negotiate business deals efficiently with this invaluable educational tool. 

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